Crowned Heads Sfumato in C Major – PCA Exclusive


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“Sfumato is somewhat of a departure for us. I saw where we were heavier in the darker wrappers, the medium-to-full lane, and I just wanted something different; I wanted something that would be perfect with a morning cup of coffee or compliment an afternoon glass of chilled Rosé. Essentially, the goal was to create a blend with no edges, just a flavor profile that was easily approachable, smooth, and with exquisite balance. I knew that this Connecticut hybrid wrapper would get us to where we wanted to go, so that is where the C (“Connecticut”) Major allusion is derived from.” Origin: Nicaragua (Tabacalera Pichardo) Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut Hybrid Binder: Ecuadorian Sumatran Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan, & Peru Size: 6.75 x 48 Strength: Medium