Can I bring my own Cigars?

We do not allow cigars not bought at Smokers Abbey to brought into the lounge. The lounge is for customers.

Are you BYOB?

Yes. You can bring in your own bottle or beer, wine or liquor. We request that you bring your own glass. However, if you forget, we are glad to give you one from our cart. You can also get a beverage from Red Horn Coffee & Brewery and bring it down to the lounge.

Do you allow smoking and vaping?

Our lounge is for customers and since we do not sell cigarettes or vaping supplies we do not allow it in the lounge.

Can I reserve a section of the lounge?

The lounge is on a first-come; first-serve basis. If you would like to reserve the lounge please contact us, and we can arrange for a private event.

Have any other questions?