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Signature Blends Available in our Lounge

What's on the Menu?


5 Solas- Dried Fruit, Berries
Brother Lawrence- Cavendish, Maple
Celtic Monk- Baileys, Hazelnut
Cherrity- Cavendish, Dark Cherry
Cursed Tree- Fig, Berry
Devil’s Dish- Toasted Black Cavendish
Narrow Path- Honey, Whiskey
King Solomon- Peaches & Cream
Prayers of the Saint- Cavendish Based on Classic Blend 1Q
Sacramen- Cavendish, Chocolate, Hazelnut
Church Blend- Vanilla
Pastor’s Blend- Straight delicious
Devil's Playground- Black Cavendish
Fruit of the Spirit- Berries and nice cream

Non Aromatic

3 Monks- Red Virginia, Burley, Perique
Burning Bush- Virginia, Burley
Friar Tuck- Burley
Joan of Arc- Perique, Virginia
John the Baptist- Burley, Oriental, Perique, Virginia
Turn or Burn- Dark Fire Virginia
Saint Peter- Oriental
Virginia Mary- Red Virginia
Orthodoxy- Straight Cut Virginia


3 Kings- Latakia, Oriental
Chi Rho- Balkin English, Latakia
English Tithe- Virginia, Latakia, Cavendish
Judas’ Kiss- 75% Latakia, Burley



Come by the lounge to see us to try any of these amazing blends!