Ezra Zion Tantrum Passive Aggressive (2014)


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It’s every bit as epic. Every bit as tasty!

After the initial TANTRUM release, the feedback was like a tidal wave. People loved it! We did hear two things that stuck out to us that we wanted to incorporate into the next TANTRUM blend. 1. It had to be longer. 2. We needed to tone down the strength…just a bit. (Because the first TANTRUM was knocking them on their butts!)

So we set off to Nicaragua to blend the next TANTRUM with this goal: It has to be different, but the same. Yeah…that’s Ezra Zion logic right there.

TANTRUM P.A. is a creamy, sweet, peppery, dream come true! That’s not to say it isn’t strong, just not quite as strong as it’s big (little) brother.

The sweetness reminds me of buttercream frosting. Flavors of leather, macadamia nuts, cafe latte, cedar, butter, caramel, black pepper.

The reason for the surname “Passive Aggressive” is because this cigar starts off very full strength, then the second third mellows to a medium, then the final third comes raging back to full strength again. It’s like magic!


This cigar only comes in one size: Presado Lonsdale Box Pressed | 6.5 X 44